Mission and Values

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Our Mission
Lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ, equipping and encouraging our community and the world to love God and love their neighbors.
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Our Vision
To see our community and the world forever transformed by their faith in Jesus Christ.
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1. We desire Christ to be the center of this church. In all things, we seek to give Christ the preeminence.

2. We align with the doctrines of the Word of God. Above all, we want to please God and stay true to His Word. We would rather be Biblical than be popular.

3. We engage and evangelize all people. The eternal truths of God’s Word apply equally to every generation and every background. Sharing the life-changing truth of the gospel is the most compassionate and important endeavor in which we can be involved.

4. We enjoy church life. Serving God is not simply a duty. It is fun, so we serve together with joy and passion.

5. We encourage balance. In our church and family lives, we seek a sustainable, healthy rhythm of growth, service, and refreshment.

6. We strive for excellence. We believe that God and His work deserve our very best effort and are worthy of generous sacrifice.

7. We believe God will work abundantly through us and for us. We express faith in Him through obedience to His Word regardless of circumstances.

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